Start saving money by using a ‘sump’ fuel recovery unit!

Sump Fuel Recovery Unit - Start saving money today!

Sump Fuel Recovery Unit

Operating an Aviation fuel system requires that about 5 gallons of fuel be “sumped” from the tank and the fuel filter vessel daily into a bucket for examination. With a sump fuel recovery unit the good fuel can be recovered and returned to storage instead of the old way of putting it in drums and having it hauled off as waste. At $ 5.00 a gallon this pays for itself very quickly! Call Fuel Tech today to start saving money (and good aviation fuel!)

See this testimonial from the owner of a new sump recovery unit:

Customer email on February 06, 2013:



The Sump fuel reclaimer is working great… It will pay for itself in no time!



Ryan Shaffer

Airport Manager

Greater Cumberland Regional Airport

Wiley Ford, WV